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Parkour mit Bodybuilder Alon Gabbay – Trailer

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Try not to laugh

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Feb 14

Marathons in Flash dress

Flash has traveled at lightning speeds in several comic books and he uses the fast reactions to beat his enemies. Still, the reality has been very different for the twenty seven year old Jamie McDonald. He has almost ended running throughout Canada sporting Flash dress.

Not just has it taken this UK marathon man around one year to finish his 8000 kilometer challenge, but he has been beaten up, mugged, suffered permanent foot injuries and forced to sleep rough. That man is now all set to end his travel in Vancouver Canada.

It has collected around # 150000 for kids charities that even include Pied Piper Appeal in his hometown of Gloucester. He has spent his life savings to fund this trip. Now, he just could not believe that this is over.

He told that he has worked for long and given this run everything he has, both mentally and physically, that to finally dip his hand into Pacific Ocean eleven months and the equivalent of more than two hundred marathons after doing the same thing in Atlantic Ocean is just magnificent. He added that thinking about all the people who has served him along the way, whether this was offering a bed, or handing a coffee, this brings a tear to his eye.

Meanwhile, Scrantons 1st half marathon organizers in over a decade were really surprised this weekend when their running event was sold out 2 months in advance. Matt Byrne told that this has always been running town and he is very happy to see the reaction.

Feb 14

Running Tips

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Dec 13

Dallas Marathon organizers keeping an eye

Holly Lipscomb and Jacey Kerby are both taking part in the marathon relay in Dallas Marathon. Their colleague Karyn Nyholm is participating in full 26.2 miles race. Karyn told that he is attempting to take the ostrich in the sand kind of approach to the weather. She added that she would not look at this till Saturday night.

She has train for several months to take part in what could be the most hapless Dallas Marathon in years. There is nothing that he could control at this point of time. Holly is more worried about that more than anything. She told that they are from Texas, where the temperature is around 80 degrees today, but it would be 30 degrees very soon.

Marathon runners have begun asking freezing rain and ice related questions on the Facebook page of the Marathon on Tuesday afternoon. On Tuesday night, the marathon organizers said in a statement that the forecast for Sunday’s 44th running of the race currently anticipates temperatures in the mid-to-upper 30s on race day. They recommended that all participants, volunteers as well as spectators must dress appropriately.

The organizers are monitoring the Dallas weather forecast closely and unless conditions are viewed as unsafe for the race participants by Dallas Police Department or City of Dallas, the MetroPCS Dallas Marathon would held as planned. They added that they would notify participants as well as general public with updates via MetroPCS Dallas Marathon email database, through media outlets as well as social media channels.