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BYD eBus jest trendy

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Running Tips — Safety Gear

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Jun 14

Landry Ties American 25K Road Racing Record

Great news for Christo Landry fans- the dapper road racer has not only accomplished his 2nd national championship but presently is the co-owner of a high profile American record as well.

Christo won the American 25K road racing championship in Michigan’s Grand Rapid in 1:14:18 time limit that resulted his tie of records with the original record owner Mo Trafeh’s feat last year. Christo, who was the crowning winner of USA Ten Mile Championship last April, defeated Biwott (Shadrack) by thirteen seconds in 25K championship that was held jointly with Fifth 3rd River Bank Run.

Solinsky (Chris) was the first ever America to break down 27:00 for ten thousand meters on track, finishing 3rd in 1:16:43, making his transition towards road racing.

The American women race was something like one-sided affair where Kellyn Taylor from Northern Arizona Elite spearheaded from start to triumph in 1:25:25. McMahan (Dot), the defending champ came 2nd in 1:27:17. Suver (Mattie) came 3rd in 1:27:32.

The U.S. women’s race was a one-sided endeavor, with Kellyn Johnson Taylor of Northern Arizona Elite leading virtually from the start to win in 1:25:25. Defending champion Dot McMahan was second in 1:27:17. Mattie Suver finished third in 1:27:32.

The 28 year old Landry is a graduate from William and Mary College and is presently based at Michigan’s Ann Arbor. He had quite a tough fight with Biwott all through 14 miles prior to his stepping to the finishing mark.

“They’re throwing surges right & left”, stated Landry, emphasizing on an erratic pacing in lead group. “We’d run say 4:45, 4:47 per mile but 50 percent of that measure would be like 4:30 pace. Thus, I simply strived to weather surges & proceed in a more evenly manner so that I am not forced to throttle backwards and forth much.”

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Running Tips

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E-Bus【立凱電】Aleees Group Battery Swappable E-Bus Flash (English)

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Parkour mit Bodybuilder Alon Gabbay – Trailer

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